[German] Features

Like its namesake, OCTOPUZ has the reach and versatility to take interface simplicity and core power to a new level for optimal efficiency.


Extend your reach with OCTOPUZ

The features in OCTOPUZ give you all the tools you need for your path-sensitive robotic application; avoiding singularity, reach limitations and optimized external axis management.




Multiple robots? No problem!

Program and simulate multiple robots, simultaneously, with support for many robot brands in any configuration.


Complex kinematics systems

Not limited to 6-axis manipulators, OCTOPUZ can simulate 3-axis scara robots up to 7-axis manipulators, external axes (linear rails, rotaries), conveyors, feeders and more!


Full API

Create custom applications and scripts to govern the logic of individual components or the entire simulation.


Application Versatility 

Full software versatility allows for unlimited uses.


Most robot brands supported  

15+ brands supported with a regularly updated library.


Simple simulation building

Drag, drop and snap components together from the library to make complex systems with pre-made logic.


CAM interface

Program paths onto parts using your favourite CAM system and verify/create the motion for your robot system.

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