Why the Octopus?

  Tracy Bithell   Jun 24, 2014   Blog, Name, Octopus   0 Comment

OCTOPUZ. Not a name you would expect in an industry dominated by “robot” handles. Just what were we thinking when we chose OCTOPUZ to be the name of our product?

We needed a name that would be recognized and understood worldwide thereby creating that unforgettable first impression. If we couldn’t capture the imagination of a human being and carve out a space in their mind — the word lost. We liked the idea of a name only having ‘significance by association’.

After learning more about the Octopus, we found conceptually there was a nice alignment of the creature’s capabilities with the performance attributes of our software. We wanted the name to be bold, unique, out of the ordinary and a ‘Game Changer’. We wanted the name (and the product) to makes its own rules and change the landscape of robotic offline programming.

Inspiration came easily from an animal that is truly UNIQUE – nobody ever forgets their encounter with an Octopus. People are taken aback by their mysterious, shape shifting form that makes it the master of its environment. Like the Octopus in the sea, we want OCTOPUZ to dominate its category and be positioned far above the competition. The robotics industry is filled with look-alike and sound-alike software product names; unimaginative and obvious names, most of which are fixated on the term “robotic”. What creature better conjures up the notion of unique, multifaceted, multidimensional and multitasking than the Octopus?

The Octopus is natures most adaptable creature. They have many limbs that are capable of brute strength and at the same time can have the tender touch to work with the most fragile matter. Their tentacles have so many nerve endings that they can act autonomously to perform different tasks at the same time. Even an Octopus’s camouflage has more depth than most creatures, they not only change colour but match textures to blend into any situation to get their job done.

More fascinating facts about the Octopus:
  • An Octopus is a highly intelligent creature, able to solve complex problems.
  • They learns at a startling speed. They are beautiful in their own elegant way and intrigue us because they are mysterious and somewhat alien.
  • They are tough survivors but are capable of blending almost invisibly into the environment they are native to while they manipulate and control it.
  • They can move across land and water and their lack of a skeleton enables them to fit through the smallest spaces with a flexibility that allows for them to go anywhere.
  • They use tools and persistently stay fluid in that task.
  • They are bold, persistent and never quit.


Octopus are masters of their environment and so is OCTOPUZ. The choice was clear.

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