Automatica 2014

  Tracy Bithell   Jun 25, 2014   Blog, Event   0 Comment

In June, OCTOPUZ attended Automatica 2014 in Munich, Germany; a show dedicated to all things related to industrial automation.  The focus of the show was collaborative robotics; robots working alongside human workers.  We saw robots sensitive to human touch, responding to contact at any point along the arm, allowing robots to collaborate with humans to perform difficult or strenuous tasks safely and easily. Representatives from each of the major robotic arm and cell component manufacturers were in attendance showing off their latest technology.

There were an increasing number of robots being utilized for milling and trimming applications traditionally reserved from multiaxis CNC machines including one robot running on a fully integrated CNC controller which allowed for traditional CNC programming.  Of course some of the core functions of robotic automation were showcased including welding cells, vision systems and assembly line applications.

Automatica is the world’s largest robotics trade fair which gave us the perfect venue for launching OCTOPUZ, our offline robotic programming and simulation software, in the European market.  We were invited to attend the show by one of our partners, Visual Components, who allowed us to demonstrate our software in their booth. We gave a presentation introducing everyone to OCTOPUZ, featuring some of the latest developments which include trimming path programming, welding and spraying applications.

We were given a preview of the latest engine being developed by Visual Components featuring enhanced graphics and a fully integrated physics engine which will allow for the most realistic simulation in the industry. Our developers are continuing to build on top of this engine, adding advanced functionality and offline programming tools to the already excellent simulation.

A special thanks to our Visual Components partners for their hospitality at Automatica.  We look forward to seeing everyone again in 2016 where we plan to have our own booth showcasing OCTOPUZ.

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